Thank you for a great year of Odin, 2023

Thanks for an amazing year of Odin, 2023

We are now coming to the end of an eventful year.

2023 was a year when a lot happened, both externally and behind the scenes. During the year, the Blót kindreds have held blót all over our country, and our ceremonial officiants have performed many different ceremonies and rites around Sweden. The number of Blót officiants within the community has increased, new District Blót Responsibles have been added. We have also received new gyðjur during the year.

The Summer Blót also grew, which is very gratifying.
Thank you all who came and gilded this weekend.

The 9-year blót at the King’s mounds in Old Uppsala was also a success, we were about a hundred Asatruers who once again held a 9-year blót in this fantastic place. Thank you all who came and participated in this blót together with brothers and sisters, united and together for our faith!

In addition to this, we also held Allthing where the members took their right as a member and voted for a new board, among other things.
In addition to this, we have finalized some things behind the scenes, something that will be published next year.
Which we are very much looking forward to presenting.

Last but not least, we want to thank all new and old members for making our work meaningful.
Together we will make a difference in the future!

Hell Asatru

/ Board of the Nordic Asa-community.

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