The Blót Kindred Vergelmer are located in Norrland, Sweden and organize blóts and various meetings, etc.


Blót Kindred leader:

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Vergelmer’s events:
Please visit the Swedish page for the events.

Blót Calendar (Asatru Feasts)

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A Blót Kindred (Blotlag) is a group of people gathered regularly to Blót together. A Blót Kindred in the Nordic Asa-community must comply with the constitution of the community. Everyone in the Blót Kindred must be members of NAS/NAC (Nordic Asa-community).

Start a NAC connected Blót Kindred:
If you want to start a Blót Kindred, please contact us for more information.
Are you a member of a Blót Kindred or are you in the process of forming one and want to join the Nordic Asa-community? Then contact us.[/vc_cta]

Contact information or if you want to get involved
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +46(0)8-519 70 720