Goði/Gyðja-Circle Sweden

The Goði/Gyðja-Circle Sweden has overall responsibility for the design of ceremonies, oaths, oblations and other religious/faith-based matters.

The assignments in Goði/Gyðja-circle.

One of the most important tasks that the Goði/Gyðja-circle has is the design of the guidelines that govern how blót kindreds should work within NAS/NAC, this document is a living document that should follow its time and changes in order to be able to function in our society without diminishing our right to religious practice. A clear example of the Goði/Gyðja-circle following our time is that at the beginning of the pandemic, the Goði/Gyðja-circle made major changes that were incorporated into the framework so that all blót kindreds, regardless of where they were in the world, could take the precautions that the Goði/Gyðja-circle required, these precautions have now been partially relaxed again in the framework.

The guidelines for blót kindreds are the most important part of the society’s brand and there are thousands of hours of work behind that document.

The other major part of the Goði/Gyðja-circle is the design of all our ceremonies and blots, where very small adjustments are made.
Our work is to take care of all these texts and, with some exceptions, to edit them, a typical example being the rephrasing of sentences to make it easier for the officiant to understand the meaning.

The Goði/Gyðja-circle also works on developing ceremonies that are not yet fixed, which is a very creative and fun job that takes up a lot of time in the organisation.

The Goði/Gyðja-circle is also working on developing training stages for all NAS/NAC officiants stages such as blótofficiant, ceremonial officiant, goði and gyðja.
This means, among other things, what kind of previous experience the person needs in order to start a training programme, but also how long the person must work in one stage in order to start the next stage.

The Goði/Gyðja-circle also looks at the literature that should form the basis for the various stages and here it can change over time if new knowledge or new translations that seem to be more suitable for the training stage, the Goði/Gyðja-circle also determines what requirements apply to the various tests for each stage of training.

Members of the Goði/Gyðja-circle.

Those who work in the Goði/Gyðja-circle do so for several different reasons, but all of them are convinced that they contribute something good for Asatru that will lead to the Asatru being more accepted in society.

The people who have their obvious place in the Goði/Gyðja-circle are Goðar and Gyðjur, followed by District Blót Responsibles, Blót Kindred Leaders and Expert Advisors.

What is the same for all those who have a membership in the Goði/Gyðja-circle is that they have the right to vote and speak, what distinguishes the National Blót Responsible from the other members is his right of veto, this has never been used before and should not be done but is included as a tool in very difficult situations.

National Blót Responsible (NBR) and Vice National Blót Responsible (Vice NBR):

The National Blót Responsible has the task of leading all the different areas that the Goði/Gyðja-circle will work with and represents its voice in the NAS/NAC Board when it comes to issues that require board decisions.

The National Blót Responsible also carries the main responsibility for all blót kindreds connected to NAS/NAC.

The Vice National Blót Responsible is tasked with assisting the National Blót Responsible with his/her work within the Goði/Gyðja-circle.

In the absence of the National Blót Responsible at any time, the Vice National Blót Responsible takes over his/her duties.

Thommy Vähäsalo

National Blót Responsible

Lena Salomonsson

Vice National Blót Responsible

Goðar and Gyðjur:

Goðar and Gyðjur are the community’s highest representatives of religious leaders who have undergone years of training to carry that title and thus have much wisdom and practical knowledge needed to move the Goði/Gyðja-circle forward.

Thommy Vähäsalo


Lena Salomonsson


Pernilla Kirkeby


Lena Svensson Hildebrand

Lena Svensson Hildebrand


District Blót Responsibles:

The District Blót Responsibles (DBR) acts as an extended arm of the NBR, their main task is to assist the blots in their working district with any guidelines or other issues that may need to be addressed in the Goði/Gyðja-circle.
The DBR shall also assist in providing the blót kindreds with their training in terms of officiants at all stages of training.
The DBR also has the right to approve exams in all stages of officiating and other ceremonies and therefore needs to be part of the Gode/Gydjaringen to keep up to date.

Lena Svensson Hildebrand

Lena Svensson Hildebrand

DBR District West, Sweden

Patrik Bergman

DBR District Mälardalen, Sweden

Lena Salomonsson

DBR District East, Sweden

Blót Kindreds Leaders:

Blót Kindreds Leaders also have the opportunity to apply for a place in Goði/Gyðja-circle as their task of leading a blót kindred makes them suitable in Goði/Gyðja-circle to speak for the wishes and issues of the blót kindred. If the blót kindred lacks a representative in the Goði/Gyðja-circle, the District Blót Responsible takes on the task of representing the blót kindred. All blót kindred´s, whether they have a representative in Goði/Gyðja-circle or not, will be provided with all the information concerning the formulation of the blót kindred´s guidelines.

Kristian Svensson

Blót Kindred Leader: Sleipner, Sweden

Lena Salomonsson

Blót Kindred Leader: Yggdrasil, Sweden

Chairman Håkan Ljunggren

Håkan Ljunggren

Blót Kindred Leader: Gungnir, Sweden

Thommy Vähäsalo

Blót Kindred Leader: Idavallen, Sweden

Elise Lövqvist

Blót Kindred Leader: Ymer, Sweden

Expert Advisors:

The task of the Expert advisors is thus to assist the Goði/Gyðja-circle with specific knowledge that is not already present in the Goði/Gyðja-circle or is inadequate, and can be about anything from diet, medicine, essence, literature, etc.

Frank Ottosson

Expert Advisor