Thanks for an amazing year of Odin, 2023

Thank you for a great year of Odin, 2023

2023 was a year where a lot happened, both externally and behind the scenes. We are now coming to the end of an eventful year.

New board within the Community

During the Allthing 2023, a new board was voted on by the community's members.
New on the website Goði/Gyðja-circle

New on the homepage: Information page about NAS/NAC Goði/Gyðja-Circle.

There is now an information page about NAS/NAC Goði/Gyðja-circle here on the website.
Mark Kirkeby, new Blotofficiant in the community

Mark Kirkeby – New Blotofficiant in the community

The Nordic Asa-community's first Thegn and member of Blot kindred Sleipner completed his education for Blotofficant on September 5th with a final exam that was approved by the RBA Thommy Vähäsalo.
Nordic Asa-community Yule

Have a nice Yule and a Happy Year of Balder

So once again the last hectic days before the winter solstice and the time we have chosen to call Yuletide is here.

Holidays of the year