The Asatru Day

The Asatru Day 9/9

The 9/9 (September 9) each year is the sacred day. Nine days Oden was hanging, to himself, in Yggdrasil, Nine worlds exists in everything. The Asatru Day is a day of reflection and a day to honor with good food and drink with family and / or loved ones. A day we will give an extra thought to those we have around us in our everyday lives and those who gave us all we have to rejoice. Young as old.
Jul and Midwinter

Jul and Midwinter!

Nordic Asa-community (Nordiska Asa-samfundet) recognizes the jul period with the start of the winter solstice in December (22 / 12-2019) to midwinter at the full moon in January (10 / 1-2020).
NAS/NAC at the South Pole

NAS/NAC at the South Pole!

Read the swedish version Yes it is indeed true. NAS member Mark K from the United States is at the actual South Pole. Where he,...

NAC in New York Times

Nordic Asa-community in the New York Times See link to the article at the bottom. At last, the article about Nordiska Asa-samfundet (Nordic Asa-community) has been...
Midsummer Blòt 22/6 2018

We invite you to Midsummer Blot June 22nd 2018

The Midsummer Blot 2018 at Ales stones in in the municipality of Ystad, Skåne (Southern Sweden) This year 2018, it's time to visit the mighty...