A vision of entering an Asatru hof.

We in the NAS are actively working for a future where Asatru has a more prominent role in society. This is achieved by attracting more members and growing as an organization and in time becoming more and more visible in society. As a member, you will contribute to the realization these plans and help build a stronger sense of community in our society.

We are also working in the following areas:

• Preserve traditions that remain from prehistory, for example the Walpurgis night bonfires, midsummer, blot and yule goats to name but a few. We are still open to new elements in our traditions, but the Old Norse foundation should remain at the center of our culture.

• Statues and memorials. We will contribute to the restauration of memorials, archaeological finds and artefacts from Old Norse society. To some degree we will also design and place memorials and statues ourselves.

Food and diet. We are actively working to promote a natural and healthy diet without artificial additives and colorants. These are unnecessary and should be excluded from all food, especially in schools, hospitals and homes for the elderly.

Nature and animals. We are working for increased understanding of animals, nature and every person’s role in the natural world. This is particularly important in schools.

Asatru hof/centre. We have plans for an Asatru Centre that we aim to start building as soon as we have the membership numbers and the financial resources to do so. In addition to this, we will also start running Asatru hofs and other facilities where members can meet and practice the ways of Asatru. We aspire to build these kinds of facilities in all the Nordic countries, as well as provide burial mounds where it should be possible to be buried according to Asatru customs.

Homes for elderly members. An important goal is to secure good care for elderly members. To do this, we will start running homes for the elderly as soon as we have the financial resources to do so. They will be founded on Nordic and Asatru traditions and will have enough funding to achieve a high quality of life regarding both accommodations and food. Fresh air for the elderly, healthy and nutritious Nordic food, gardens to enjoy the sun – this should be a matter of course, but unfortunately isn’t in today’s society.

Tortempel 2014 bottenvåning
Groundfloor of the Asa-center
Pilars with woodcarvings of the gods along the walls.
Builds as soon as possible








Övervåning i Asa-centrum
Second floor of the Asa-center
2a våningen med öppning i mitten mellan räcket
2a floor with opening in the middle
Vision över salen. Öppning i taket för hög takhöjd
Vision over the hall. Opening in the roof for a high ceiling