Asavisir – our set of values.

Asavisir is the modern foundation of our belief and consists of the following points:


Preservation of traditions:
An important part of life is remembering who we are and where we come from – what has shaped us to the persons we are today. We do this mostly by continuing to celebrate our feasts and holidays and by preserving our Norse traditions.
When our ancestors decided to settle in the harsh Nordic lands, they struggled and fought to create a society from the unforgiving wilderness. They broke new ground and stone after stone was carried away to make fields and marsh after marsh was turned into arable land. By the sweat and toil of each generation and by an almost superhuman determination, the land was made livable and rich.
Taking these riches for granted and forgetting the struggle that made it possible is an ignorance bordering on desecration. Through the Norse traditions, we come closer to our forefathers and thereby gain a better understanding of ourselves and what shaped us to what we are today.
It is our duty to inform others on the meaning of these traditions.

When our ancestors decided to settle in the barren Nordic countries they began a struggle against nature that has shaped us into who we are today. The breaking of soil and stone pushed people to almost supernatural deeds to make the countries of the North habitable. It required wear for generations after generations. Forgetting this is a sacrilege. We must remember, and it is our duty to enlighten others about the meaning of our traditions.


In the harsh Nordic climate, only a limited number of crops could grow. People lived on what nature could provide them: harvest from the fields, fish from rivers and lakes, and game from the deep forests. By development of new farming methods and by increased trade with other countries, the number of different foods have increased over time. This also includes food and drink with artificial substances and residual poison from excessive pesticide spraying.

A diet with natural ingredients should be the foundation for healthy living, just as it has been for most of our history. By choosing organic food that is grown locally, it is possible to avoid pesticides and find nutritious food that is free from unnatural substances.
By principle, we do not eat food that has been dedicated to other gods or other religions.


Animals and nature:
We respect every living thing and show honor and reverence to animals and nature. In Old Norse society, people lived in close contact with nature and thereby gained an intuitive understanding how all living things interacted as a whole. This should still be the foundation of our belief and we encourage outdoor activities and work for improving the knowledge about animals and nature.


Respect for elders:
Showing respect and care for the elderly is an obvious foundation for us. The elderly are the ones who built the society we live in today and it should be natural to feel gratitude for their toil. We oppose the inhumane and degrading way in which many elderlies are systematically forced to live their last years. A future goal for the NAS is to run our own homes for the elderly to provide both dignity and wellbeing for the people living there.


Family is a foundation of the Asatru faith as well as in the lives of our members. The needs of the family are important – to provide love and care for each family member as well as to protect the family from harm. Everyone should be treated with respect and understanding, both people and animals.
Having strong family ties strengthens our faith and provides a foundation for the future life of our traditions and heritage.



The rights of women:
Women should obviously have the same rights as men – no differences are made in the Asatru faith. Of course, men and women could have different interests and choose different careers, but these should also be encouraged and valued equally.


The toil of our ancestors should never be forgotten. It is our duty to honor, remember and inform others of the deeds of our forefathers. We should be inspired by their striving to succeed, their determination and hard will to make a better world for future generations. We should never belittle or forget their work, but always honor them in our thoughts and actions. We all share an obligation to listen and remember, to document and preserve the work of our forefathers so that future generations can carry on their legacy.


Human Rights:
We adhere to the UN declaration on human rights.


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