Jul and Midwinter!

Jul and Midwinter

Nordic Asa-community (Nordiska Asa-samfundet) recognizes the jul period with the start of the winter solstice in December (22 / 12-2019) to midwinter at the full moon in January (10 / 1-2020).

Our ancestors did not follow a Gregorian or Julian calendar. These calendars have distorted the time of jul and midwinter. We at Nordic Asa-community who work for faith, heritage, traditions and origins now want to try together, to return a calendar based on the moon and the movements of the sun. What our ancestors based their time on, and when they determined the traditions we still practice today.

Jul is a time. A time between the winter solstice in December and the full moon in January.

Jul begins at the winter solstice. In Skades 2019, it is December 22.
That day is Suna’s day. The day when we celebrate the sun’s return and victory over the dark period. That day begins the jul season and as we celebrate with a gift in the family, something intellectual. Like a book, puzzle or similar.
In Iceland, most books are distributed in Jul presents all over the world. We see this as a tradition worth celebrating and highlighting at the winter solstice.


Midwinter is the end of the Jul season. It falls at the full moon in January (Thurs.). This will happen in Tyr’s year 2020 on 10/1.
Midwinter and its exposure period then becomes 2 weeks before the full moon to 2 weeks after the full moon in January. (crescent to crescent) But should be kept as close to the full moon as possible.

The midwinter blot ends the jul period.

Adopted by NAC/NAS board on Dec 7, 2019 in the year of Skade

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