Premiere of the membership magazine The Valknut!

The Valknut - Premier of The Valknut

Let us present to you the first number of The Valknut!

Premier of The Valknut, member magazineSince the first issue of Valknuten, we have received many requests from our foreign members for an English version of the membership magazine.
After much deliberation, we have now made it so that we divide these into two newspapers, one swedish and one english, the content may differ except A word from our chairman, A word from our RBA, etc. because the English is more targeted at our members around Midgard, from the US in west to Asia in the east.

The first issue is public that is free for everyone to read, but in the future it will only be available in the membership forum for members only.


The magazine can be read here for free!

Of course it´s also available in the member forum for members only, log in here.

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