Vision of a Asa-tempel


The ASA community is working actively towards a future where Asa-faith´s a more prominent role in society again. This is done of course by getting more members and also by more visible in society. As a member, you contribute to the realization of these plans and build a strong cohesion in society.

We are actively working to:

  • Preserving the traditions since ancient Nordic countries, such as Valborg-fires, midsummer, blot, yule goats and more.
    We are obviously no stranger to new elements in our traditions, but want to preserve the old, what we thrive on. The Nordic
  • Statues. We will design and start placing statues and other memorials around the Nordic region again. So as it once was. We will also contribute funds to the restoration of monuments, finds and artifacts from ancient north.
  • Diet. Active work, and a better and healthier diet. A diet without artificial additives or coloring. These substances, we have no need of and should be excluded from any diet., especially in facilities where individuals themselves can´t choose, such as schools, health care and the elderly homes.
  • Nature and animals. An increased understanding of nature and animals means more time outdoors with practical tasks at school, and increased opportunities for this type of teaching.
  • Asa temple. We have plans and drawings of the Asa center that we will build as soon as we have a member base and economic opportunities. In addition to building the Asa center, we will work to push the Asa temple or other premises where believers can meet and practice their customs and traditions.
    We will of course try to build at least one Asa center in every Nordic country and anywhere we have a member base.
    Once we built the center, we will also build a burial-cairn and ensure that people can be both married and buried in their own faith.
  • Retirement homes. An important goal for us is to ensure a good old age for our members. We have therefore decided to push retirement home in the ASA community house when the opportunity exists.Such retirement home will be operated with a focus on the Nordic traditions and Nordic approach. Community will contribute funding to ensure the quality of both accommodation and refreshments. No need to have to hit the ones who built this country to us.We will have Scandinavian traditions with Nordic diet where they Accommodations course can help to get the homemade food ready and on the table. An accommodation where there are good opportunities for fresh air and a garden to enjoy the sunshine in. An accommodation where there is access to an extra cup of coffee and an extra sandwich. This should be obvious but unfortunately it is not in today’s society.


Tortempel 2014 bottenvåning

Groundfloor of the Asa-center


Pilars with woodcarvings of the gods along the walls.


Builds as soon as possible








Övervåning i Asa-centrum

Second floor of the Asa-center

2a våningen med öppning i mitten mellan räcket

2a floor with opening in the middle

Vision över salen. Öppning i taket för hög takhöjd

Vision over the hall. Opening in the roof for a high ceiling